At Rocky Mountain Kid Safe we teach our students to “GO CHIHUAHUA CRAZY!”

PLAY IT SAFE™ is a fun, interactive, age appropriate method that teaches students to respond appropriately to unique challenges they might face such as: dealing with bullies, friendship drama, stranger awareness, inappropriate touch from someone they might know and abduction defense.

PLAY IT SAFE ™ is based on a simple but very effective step-by-step approach where students role-play their techniques against trained instructors in age-appropriate scenarios. This 2-hour empowering class teaches children ages 6 to 12 years, to be aware of their surroundings, project confidence, set boundaries with their voice and trust their intuition. This is reinforced through hands-on, repetitive training. Students will role-play with a mock “stranger” and a mock “bully”, while being coached by an instructor.

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